Trust & Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney - Public Accountant – Trust Attorney 

Modern trust and probate litigation is a complex area of legal specialization, involving tax and financial issues as well as the nuances of convoluted trust arrangements. Add in the emotion of family relationships and it takes a combination of financial training, legal expertise and the calm assurance of an experienced negotiator to gain a full and fair resolution. With 20 years experience as a probate and trust attorney, Steven Simrin offers that and more.

As a solo practitioner serving small businesses and individuals, Steven offers the personalized service difficult to find in large firms where clients risk getting lost in the “paperwork shuffle.” When you call his office, you talk to Steven. His client references speak to his focus on personalized, focused attention while aggressively pursuing his client’s goals.

Protecting the Rights of Heirs and Trust Beneficiaries

Both a CPA and an attorney, Mr. Simrin has represented clients across California, in both federal tax actions (IRS) and before state tax agencies. If you or your business are facing a tax audit, attempted enforced collection, or any other matter that involves a taxing authority, you need an experienced and aggressive tax attorney on your side. Steven’s role is to analyze your case, explain the complexities, explore your options with you and represent your interests before official bodies. You can be confident he will serve as both a trusted advisor and a protective buffer between you and a heartless taxing authority.

These skills come into play for trust and probate matters as well, where the financial intricacies can be central to protecting the rights of heirs or trust beneficiaries. Steven also advises trustees, using his expertise to help prevent future litigation and to address liability concerns. Steven’s expertise allows him to both construct trusts that function as intended and help those who should benefit obtain the just outcome they deserve.

Contact Steven today – all matters are held in the strictest confidence. Serving Clients throughout the Bay Area and California from Jack London Square in Oakland.