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The probate process is highly intimidating. An experienced probate attorney in Oakland, CA can help you navigate this process by knowing who to talk to, what to say, and representing you in court or in family mediation. As a California probate attorney and former CPA, I represent clients throughout the entire process from the initial appointment to the final distribution of the assets.

Ways I Can Help You During the Probate Process

  • Dealing with disputes between family members (a common occurrence)
  • Negotiating solutions that, if at all possible, help you avoid costly civil litigation
  • Resolving tax liabilities to ensure that property and other assets are clear of tax obligations
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls involved in issues such as contesting a will
Probate Attorney

Under California law, you're supposed to have an attorney representing you during the probate process. Probate occurs at a highly stressful, emotionally charged time when those involved are prone to making poor decisions. Additionally, probate proceedings have a strict time limit which, if not met, may eliminate the possibility of getting a full and fair outcome. This makes it essential that you contact a qualified advocate and get their advice early on.

I am an Oakland probate lawyer with over 20 years of experience helping clients in the Alameda County area, and I can help you. Contact me today!

Don't Forget the Emotional Toll

It's an unfortunate fact of human nature that we make poor decisions under stress. There are a thousand conflicting emotions in play. Having a trusted probate lawyer involved in the process can keep the understandably traumatic emotions at bay. You have enough to contend with while you are grieving, let me handle all the tricky details. An attorney can act as a guide to overcome the sometimes crippling emotions and help get the necessary legal documents in place. Later on, these documents can prevent misunderstandings or financial confusion.

When it comes to probate issues, it's essential to understand your options and have a trusted advocate looking out for your best interests. Clients who are left in the dark are rarely satisfied. I pride myself on the personal attention my clients receive and know that they will act in their best interests when they are fully aware and fully informed.

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