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On the surface, a probate procedure seems straightforward. The simple purpose is to transfer property from the estate of a deceased person to their heirs or beneficiaries they have named. But with a large estate or one complicated by a business or family issues, the details can slow the process, cause undue anxiety and, without expert help, lead to an unjust result.

Probate law requires the court to identify the assets of the deceased, pay taxes and debts due along with incidental expenses, and then distribute the remaining property. The guide for distribution is the decedent's will. This makes the will a key document, and much of the probate litigation addresses defects in the will.

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Grounds to Contest a Will

A will can be contested on various grounds.

Some of the common areas where disputes arise include:

  • Allegations of a forged will
  • Lack of a properly executed will
  • Claims of undue influence in the execution of the will
  • Acts resulting in the revocation of a will.
  • Disputes as to who will serve as executor of the estate.

My name is Steven M. Simrin, a probate litigation attorney serving Alameda County, and I have a role beyond that of a trusted advisor.

I can guide you through the process and accomplish the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Dealing with disputes between family members
  • Negotiating amicable solutions
  • Resolving tax liabilities
  • Litigating over the management of the wealth of an estate

Time is of the Essence

Because probate proceedings have a strict time limit, the possibility of probate litigation disappears when the time expires. Even valid claims will be set aside and cannot be pursued once the time limit is exceeded. This means that getting advice from a qualified Oakland probate attorney for help early is much better than waiting.

Finally, the role of an experienced probate litigation lawyer cannot be overstated. My ability to connect with clients, listen and understand their concerns, and explain the intricacies of the process is critical. Clients who are left in the dark are rarely satisfied. I know my clients are happiest when they are fully aware and fully informed - this is a key ingredient in my legal philosophy and one I take seriously as the probate process unfolds.

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